Animal Encounters

Interact With some of our friendly animals.

Learn and explore

Take a guided tour with one of our friendly staff.

Family Fun

A memorable experience for all ages.

More Attactions

More Attactions

Relax and take a seat

Here is where the adults can take a seat for the day and relax while the kids have all the fun exploring our homemade tire playground and bounce on the bounce houses! Whether you chose to enjoy a take out pizza or just pick a spot to unwind and enjoy, our  playground is unique and will be a highlight of any kids day.

Visit our Tree of love.

Find our tree of love and be enlightened by its kind words! Don’t forget to bring your camera though as it is the perfect spot to take some pictures with your loved ones.


Hop on into our rabbitorium! Bring the whole family to feed our furry friendly bunny rabbits! Enjoy sitting among our rabbits, who love to be fed and petted.  if your lucky you may see some other small animals here too!

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